A Sparkle In Your Eyes

Do you know what makes you special? Do you know how it is important not only to live your life, but to be life? Have you ever thought about the world around you in a different way? Have you ever visualized something that can be behind your imagination?

Sometimes depression comes in our lives unexpectedly, bringing with itself sadness, despair and premonitions. Sometimes you even don’t know the reason why it happens as if the whole world wants you to be sad. Gloominess, anxiety, fears and insecurity gathers around you, encaging you in a bulb of pessimism. You seem to be small and weak and nothing could drag you out of your bad mood. It’s NOT like that.

Don’t let it to break you, don’t let it to quench the radiance in your eyes and bring emptiness to you.  Remember, this radiance is your big strength. Use it to get new ideas and find the way from the difficult situations.  Feel the warm it gives you. Let it to embrace all of you. There is a whole world inside your eyes; you have to fill it with positive emotions and energy.

You can be tired from a lot of things, and if you can’t change something, just change your attitude towards it.  Give it a new point of view and you’ll see how easier it will be.  Just try!

If you happen to see a person who are about to lose his or her sparkle, share your smile and enkindle something big that calls enthusiasm inside of this person.

Whatever happens, don’t let the light in your eyes fade.  

Dear Readers, thank you very much for staying with me! Make your day lovely!



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