A Short Story “Stoneheart”

When everything changes you begin to see the things you’ve never noticed before. The importance of those things becomes the sense of your life, but then you understand there is no way back. My name is Wystan. This is the story of my transformation.

Once I was normal like many others. I was a human, but now I am a gray statue sitting in front of my house and watching the other petrified persons along the street. Actually, there are many of us, left alone, destroyed, destined to bring our lives imprisoned in our own bodies. Normal people try to avoid looking at us. Nobody has ever stopped by my side as if I was a great menace for them. No one knows why it happens, but I know the answer. And I would like to share it with you.

In my past life I woke up early and made everything in a proper way. But all my actions were without any sort of emotions. Besides, I had no family, no friends and no pets. I was alone in every meaning of this word. Everything seemed to be artificial, even my face was strange. And that is what I have become. That is what we have become.

It’s not the body that turns into stone first, it’s the inward. The transformation is irretrievable. No one has ever got the human body back. The cure is not found. I will never forget that day when it started.

I was sitting in a café with a cup of hot coffee in my hand. Suddenly, I felt the heaviness inside my fingers as I were turning into stone. Then I heard the sound of broken glass when the cup felt down. Unspeakable horror appeared in my eyes, but my face remained still.

It happened gradually. At first hands, then legs… I was walking along the street and fell down on my knees as my legs turned into stone. I screamed desperately. People just passed me by knowing they couldn’t help me. But something inside me was still alive, it made me to stand up and go forward. I moved hard and slowly but I didn’t stop, catching bewildered looks up on me. Somehow I knew I was different. I tried to behave as if nothing had happened. I lived as I used to. But it was more than me. I couldn’t bare the heaviness of my body as well as the heaviness of my mind…

Life of a statue is quite boring. The only thing that is left is staying in one place and watching how time drags. We are still a part of the world but in a different way. Nobody wants to explore, to approach or even to look at us. People know about our existence, but they ignore us. They are afraid of us.

Everything was the same till she appeared. For many years she was the only human being that dared to approach me. Maybe, she was that curious, or maybe she could see the human inside me, not only the stone. She was a young woman with curly red hair in a white sun-dress. She looked at me with an obvious interest. She was not afraid to watch, to come close and to touch. I was not alone any more. She gently touched my cold face without any word. There was some kind of sadness in her eyes.

I was always still. I didn’t want to frighten her. But one day I was overwhelmed with feeling and made a mistake. I reached out and touched her hand. She screamed and ran away. I had been waiting for her days and nights. But she had never come back. I picked up flowers for her though it was very hard for me to move. I kept the flowers in my hands hoping to give them to her, but they faded as the days passed away.

Everything that happened then, changed me. Now I understand how different I was. I’ve never fought for my future, I’ve never wanted to be happy. But now I am full of life as never before despite my stone body. I eager to find her as if she is my only cure. I look one more time at my petrified neighbors and feel a great change in me. My eyes are not gray any more but blue as they used to be before the transformation. I stand up and make a step forward and then again. I walk quickly down the road, inspired and full of enthusiasm. If you want to run and reach your destination, then run.

Suddenly I notice a tender statue in front of the unknown house. It’s her. She is a gray statue. Her face is beautiful, unmovable and sad. I approach her cautiously and take her hand. Then she opens her eyes and smiles. I see the bright emerald color of her eyes.


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