Writing Is Passion

Voltaire said, “Writing is the painting of the voice.“ There are many reasons for writing and I believe everyone of us has his or her own reason.

To my mind writing is not only a wish to express your thoughts to someone or even to yourself but a reflection of your inward.

Some people want to create their imaginary worlds where everything will be different, some kind of alternative reality, where everything happens the way they like it to happen.

And others want to find oblivion or inner peace as writing for them could be some kind of remedy for soul.

To find solitude, to run away from hustle and bustle or not to be lonely anymore, to create one’s own miracle, to give hope, to keep the precious memories between the lines, to make something important, to test the limits, to find one’s satisfaction, to spend one’s time with pleasure, to widen imagination, to entertain oneself. These are some of possible reasons of writing.

If you have a story to tell, you have to start writing. Keeping the story untold, you will feel some kind of burden inside you that would became heavier every day. And only writing can free you of the heaviness, unchain your thoughts and bring you easiness.

I truly believe everyone can write, because it doesn’t depend on particular skills or how smart someone is, it depends on a deep inner desire and one’s passion.

Thank you very much for being with me. I hope this blog will motivate you and reveal how unique you are. Be yourself and have courage to do what inspires you. Don’t be afraid of changing your life.


24 thoughts on “Writing Is Passion

  1. For me writing is both cathartic and distressing, for my creative muse has a mind of her own and can take me places I’d prefer not to go, but experience has taught me to follow her, despite the emotional burden it can impart upon me. Writing is something I cannot not do, if that makes any sense. Whether it is a carefully crafted poem or song, or a stream of consciousness marathon of cathartic release, I need writing and perhaps it needs me too.

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  2. Hi,

    Just a note to say how much I loved your post on “Writing Passion” — it captures so much of the spirit of why we choose to write and why writing chooses us. For me, writing has always been a solace and a refuge. Your novel sounds wonderful —
    as someone once said to me, “Keep going. You’re on the right track. You’ll get there!” Thank you for liking my post “Just Freelax.”

    Write on,

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